THE BLOC Container Community // THINK cafe, Simple Day Cafe, Ampersand Coffeestand & Design, TREEBOX Restaurant and Event Space. #theblocbkk


THE BLOC is about our love for coffee, design, and impossible things that could happen in the world.

In 2008, we decided to start our dream the barren area that surrounds both sides of the long Ratchaphruek Road doesn’t really offer many oasis or opportunities to relax. The scene here is you either get coffee at one of the outdoor drinking joints or you get full-option stuffed at one of the restaurant gardens or you can enjoy your time to shopping design stuff. 

We build THE BLOC from the concept "It's kind of fun to the impossible" Mr. Walt Disney. We made the gimmicky appearance of the collection of 22 containers used to construct THE BLOC is surely eye-catching as one drives by.

The rough but charming simplicity of THE BLOC lies in its box-like atmosphere and the certain seclusion from the outside world that comes with it; making it the perfect spot for quiet contemplation and reflection.

We hope everyone will come and enjoy your day at THE BLOC.

T: +66 8 65558789